Spoon of chia flour and bag of chia flour

Chia Flour

Good Pantry's Chia Flour is a sustainable superfood from the tiny but mighty chia seed. Chia flour contains a powerful combination of protein and dietary fibre and is a great addition to your diet.
Use in a similar way to other flours in baking and cooking. Among other ideas use it to: thicken soups, curries and creamy dishes; substitute into baking and breads; use as an ingredient in homemade cereals such as muesli and porridge; blend the flour into your morning smoothie; sprinkled over salads and it works amazing in bliss-balls. Combined 1:4 with water it makes a perfect egg substitute! 
  • High in dietary fibre
  • High in protein
  • Rich source of Omega 3
  • Good source of Magnesium
  • Good source of antioxidants
  • High in calcium
  • High in Iron
Ingredients: 100% Chia seed. 250g.
Serves per pack: 10 Per 25g Per 100g
Energy 330kj 1320kj
Protein 7.8g 31g
Fat Total 2.3g 9.3g
- Saturated 0.3g 1.2g
- Polyunsaturated 1.8g 7.1g
Carbohydrate 2.5g 9.8g
- Sugars <0.1g <0.1g
Dietary Fibre 8.9g 35.5g
Sodium 570ug 2.3g
Made in Ohope, Aotearoa New Zealand.